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Owen's Triumph: A Comeback Story of Trust, Resilience, and Championships

In the unpredictable world of horses, sometimes a comeback story unfolds, and few as inspiring as Kristin Tullis' journey with her gelding, Bear Your Asset, fondly known as Owen. After a hiatus from the show ring, Kristin rekindled her passion for breed shows, initially with a mare that fate had other plans for. The unexpected retirement of her first horse paved the way for Owen, a striking bay and white overo gelding with potential and a troubled past.

Kristin Tullis and Bear Your Asset

Owen's initial perfect demeanor was short-lived, his fears and anxieties surfaced. Kristin faced a challenging road ahead, marked by five years of patient retraining, rebuilding trust, and navigating the unpredictable nature of an anxious horse. Owen's fears were so profound that even going on his right side became a dangerous task.

The journey wasn't without its hurdles, especially at shows, where Owen's anxiety could not be concealed. The comments and judgements from onlookers were disheartening, but Kristin remained steadfast in her commitment to Owen's rehabilitation. The decision to list Owen for sale brought forth a barrage of negativity, with many doubting his potential for a new home.

American Ranch Horse World Show

Determined to prove the naysayers wrong, Kristin chose to invest her time, energy, and heart into Owen, embarking on a path to transform him into an all-around champion. Over the next three years, Kristin and Owen built a remarkable partnership, defying expectations at every turn. Owen's versatility shone through, earning accolades in ranch riding, showmanship, halter, western pleasure, equitation, and more.

Kristin Tullis and Bear Your Asset

Owen's list of accomplishments is a testament to his remarkable turnaround:

  • ARHA 3rd overall Senior Ranch Riding

  • ARHA Top 10 in Amateur Showmanship and Amateur Halter

  • Superior in Amateur Showmanship for APHA

  • ROM in Green Western Pleasure, Halter, Amateur Showmanship, Amateur Halter, Novice Showmanship, and Novice Western Pleasure

  • Zone 9 Top 5, x2

  • Multiple APHA show high points and overall high points in the Ranch division

  • APHA Open Champion

  • ROM in Amateur Ranch Riding

  • ROM in Amateur Ranch Rail Pleasure

  • ROM in Amateur Ranch Pleasure

  • ROM in Open Ranch Rail Pleasure

  • ROM in Open Ranch Pleasure

Kristin acknowledges the pivotal role of her trainer, Jeff Davis, whose patience and foresight in Owen's potential set the stage for their success. As they take on shows without a trainer now, Kristin and Owen continue to break barriers, with aspirations to shine in Pinto or Paint World Shows next year.

Kristin Tullis and Bear Your Asset

Owen's story is not just one of triumph in the show ring; it's a testament to the transformative power of patience, trust, and an unwavering bond between a rider and her horse. The duo may not erase the preconceived notions some hold, but their accomplishments and Owen's heart speak louder than any judgement. As they set their sights on future championships, Kristin and Owen's journey remains a beacon of resilience and determination.



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