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Show Clothes Innovation: ft. Custom Collars Boutique

In an exclusive interview, we had the privilege to sit down with mother daughter-duo, Alicia Enochs & Debbie McKinley Linville, Owners of Custom Collars Boutique, for some deeper insights into show pen innovation within their designs. Custom Collars is a versatile custom boutique that specializes in the creation of top-tier show clothing, resonating with a diverse clientele spanning various equestrian disciplines—from ranch riding events to hunter under saddle. 

Custom Collar Boutique

Alicia told us,

We started the business 12 years ago more on a whim. I was searching for a bold patterned hunt shirt to wear at an upcoming show, but couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere online. All of my hunt shirts at that time were white or pastel and I wanted to do something more fun. We wondered if anyone else was feeling the same way. After a trip to the fabric store, we had a seamstress make my hunt shirt. From there, we made our own patterns and some prototypes of hunt shirts, dickies, and hunt coats with our small team in Nashville.

When asked about their newest show pen innovations, zip-up hunt shirts & snap on collars, Alicia gave us deeper insight into how this idea came to be. She states, “Everyone who shows horses has been hot and sweaty trying to put their show clothes on in the middle of July! Because we also show, we are constantly trying to think of ways to make things more functional while keeping a beautiful aesthetic for the rider. The norm for hunt shirts has always been button-up cotton with that detachable collar that buttons on. Is it just me, or is that detachable collar SO hard to button on? To make our hunt shirt pretty and comfy, we started using stretchy, breathable cotton and adding a zip-up front. Our detachable collars snap on, rather than attach with a button, making it easy to throw on at the last minute”.

Custom Collars Boutique

Alicia also shared insights into their designs for ranch events, saying, “Over the last 5 years, we have focused on our ranch line and it has been a blast. In the ranch classes, clients need to feel comfortable and like they can move easily through the maneuvers. Because of this, we began using our performance stretch fabrics rather than cotton to give more range of motion and comfort”.

She goes on to discuss their versatile suit and vest designs, “We were also on the forefront of the showmanship suit trend and I love that it gives an alternative for customers not wanting to wear sparkles. Every season we work to come up with new showmanship suit styles to keep it fresh. Customers are also loving our vest sets for the halter and longe line.”

Custom Collars Boutique

“Probably the most notable feedback we have received over the years about our clothing has been the look and the fit. We source our fabrics from all over the world and try to mix beauty with comfort. Although custom is always an option, we love having ready-made products available in our booth or online that fit most people. We have perfected our sizing over the years based on the sizes of our shoppers. When you go into the arena, you want to look and feel your best so you can focus on your ride”, and we agree!

 We asked Alicia what we can expect from Custom Collars in 2024, “We spend the winter months designing and making for our Spring launch! We have a lot of new hunt

coats and shirts up our sleeve and we are excited. We have also been working on our ranch vest line which is perfect for the colder months!”

If you are interested in jumping into the new generation of show clothing, customers can purchase directly from the Custom Collars website,, or reach out at anytime to Custom Collars Facebook Page or email,


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