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Spotlight: Jessica Cox - Pioneering the DIY Path to Success in the Stock Horse World

Jessica Cox's narrative is an embodiment of determination, balancing roles as a DIY amateur exhibitor while navigating the intricate world of stock horse shows. Hailing from Pennsylvania and inheriting her love of horses from her aunt, Jessica's journey commenced amidst the stables, taking her first strides into the show pen at the tender age of 8. Fast forward through the years, life transplanted her in Ohio, where financial constraints made hiring a trainer an unfeasible luxury. However, this limitation fueled her innate determination, propelling her towards showcasing her skills at small open shows, marking her first steps toward the grandeur of high-level shows.

"I pretty much rode anything I was allowed to swing a leg over. Actually, sometimes I rode the ones I wasn't allowed to ride either, but I don't think I ever got caught," Jessica shares, reminiscing about her early adventures.

While juggling a part-time role as a labor and delivery nurse and homeschooling her four kids, Jessica found her stride in balancing family life and her passion for equestrian sports. Her daily routine unravels with a blend of horse care, school sessions, household chores, and the occasional chaos that defines a bustling family life.


"I'm not sure you could call us balanced at life, but it works for us now," Jessica quips, hinting at the orchestrated chaos that paints her daily life.

Despite the whirlwind of responsibilities, Jessica's triumphs speak volumes. Her prowess in the show ring, marked by several big titles, symbolizes her unwavering commitment. However, behind these victories lies a concoction of resilience, adaptability, and an unquenchable thirst for learning.

"I'm open to constructive and always learning new tricks or ideas. I don't have time to push things on a timeline," Jessica muses, underscoring her adaptive nature.

Amidst her solo journey, Jessica discovered an invaluable treasure trove in her equestrian community. An assembly of like-minded DIY amateurs formed an unbreakable bond, echoing the sentiment that "it takes a village." At horse shows, this camaraderie transforms into unwavering support, epitomized by shared tips, hands-on assistance in grooming, and a constant flow of encouragement.

"Putting in tails, saddling, spraying legs or hooves, braiding, makeup tips, babysitting, taking up the bag for the final boot wipe - the list goes on," Jessica recounts, highlighting the collective spirit that pervades her community.

Her mantra, "Work with what you have," stands as a beacon of wisdom for aspiring DIY amateurs. "Sometimes even your best ride might come in last, and that's okay. Be proud of that," Jessica asserts, emphasizing the importance of setting realistic expectations and adapting to setbacks.

Horse Show

As she looks ahead, Jessica's aspirations remain grounded in authenticity rather than instant success. "Be open to learning. Don't try to be the best, just try to be the best you can be," she advises, encapsulating the essence of her equestrian journey.

Jessica Cox, with her unwavering determination and dedication, stands as a testament to the power of and community support in the realm of DIY amateur's. Her journey, adorned with triumphs and lessons, is a beacon of inspiration for every equestrian enthusiast aspiring to carve their path in the competitive world.



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